Michigan Democratic Party calls for protest, disparages police

The Michigan Democratic Party has been using its official Twitter feed Tuesday to rile up pro-union protesters and to tweet provocative messages directed at the police officers assigned to monitor those protesters.

The Democratic Party has repeatedly referred to Tuesday, the day of the presumed signing of Michigan’s right-to-work bill, as its “Day of Action.”

The party’s first tweet of the day, a reference to Republican House Speaker Jase Bolger, set the tone.

“@SpeakerBolger’s police state: fake protestors, undercover cops, intimidation & riot gear,” the Democrats tweeted, with a link to an article headlined “Riot gear is ready if needed: Michigan State Police say” and the hashtag #Bolgerpolicestate.

The Democrats also drummed up conspiracy-minded talk by retweeting a message from Democratic state Rep. Barb Byrum: “Republican staffers in ‘regular clothes’ taking up the gallery” of the House.

Subsequent messages either tweeted or retweeted by the Democrats called for increased “pressure,” boasted about the number of protesters outside the Capitol and disparaged the presence of police officers (themselves union members).

“The police presence today is massive and oppressive. Clearly designed to intimidate.”

“There are police with assault rifles inside the Capitol. This is insanity, plain and simple.”

“Wow! #Bolgerpolicestate is everywhere.”

“This is what Michigan citizens must face before walking into their Capitol building,” the Democrats tweeted, with a photograph showing a handful of police officers gathered around to talk, monitoring the thousands of activists rallying outside.

“we wouldn’t need security if union thugs had not tried to storm the senate last week,” replied tweeter Jeff Cassidy, to no response.

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