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Michigan Democrats demonstrate the law of cause and effect (UPDATE: Steve Crowder attacked on-camera)



Cause and effect? Just kidding! One thing has nothing to do with the other, because they’re Democrats. As you were, MSM.

(Hat tip: Washington Examiner, Twitchy)


Update: Steve Crowder has video of the guy who attacked him:

Anybody recognize this creep?

Update: More footage:

Some people are saying they can make out the name monogrammed on the guy’s jacket, but I can’t tell. Here’s another picture, courtesy of the Detroit News. You can see part of the patch on the back of the guy’s jacket:

Update: Still more video.

And now the hilarious conspiracy theories begin.

Update: “There’s people in there!” Like these union thugs care.

They knocked over a huge tent with a bunch of people inside, and one of them punched a guy. So naturally, the headline at WILX in Lansing is: Troopers Use Nightsticks on Right to Work Protesters.