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The Nirtles? Beatvana?

When I heard about Paul McCartney fronting a reunited Nirvana at the Concert for Sandy Relief, I had the same reaction as everybody else: “LOLWUT?” But then I started thinking about the possibilities. Which songs would they play? A few Beatles tunes, a few Nirvana tunes? Or would they mash ’em up?

“Stayyyy, stay awayyyy, stay awayyyyyyyy… from me and my monkey.”

“Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to please please me…”

“You rape me, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Alas, it was none of the above. They played a new song called “Cut Me Some Slack.” If you think that sounds like an attempt to manage expectations, you may be right:

YouTube Preview Image

Well, okay.

In other news, Mick Jagger just joined Soundgarden and Roger Daltrey is in discussions with Alice in Chains. It’s called grandpa grunge, according to the words I just made up.