TheDC Exclusive: Former Navy SEAL explains how to survive zombie apocalypse

How would a Navy SEAL handle the aftermath of an auto accident?

Once the scene is secure (all vehicles stopped) go to work to help anyone who may be injured. Triage time — the most hurt get attention first.

Explain the “Haul Ass” strategy of fighting you discuss in the book.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires you fight, use what we call “violence of action.” Go at it with 150 percent effort, and disengage as soon as possible.  Punch and run.

Here’s one scenario not mentioned in the book: How would one survive a zombie apocalypse?

I would use my magic carpet and laser gun.

What do you think of the SEAL Team Six member involved in the Bin Laden raid that wrote a book detailing the operation?

I congratulate him for being part of an amazingly successful operation. And since the “cat was out of the bag” a couple hours after the op was over, I’m glad someone who was ACTUALLY there told the story.

There is a debate in Washington over whether waterboarding should be considered torture. What’s your take? Were you ever waterboarded in training? 

When going through SERE (POW Training), I had the pleasure of being waterboarded. No, it’s not fun. Yes, it’s very effective. YES, use this to get any information you can to prevent future terrorist attacks.

What do SEAL Team members think of Washington? Are they disgusted by it? Are there any particular politicians that are generally admired by the SEAL community? Does the SEAL community tend to be more Republican or Democrat, or apolitical?

When you make the decision to serve your country/join the SEAL Teams, your only concern is the guy next to you and mission success. Politics go out the window when the bullets start to fly.

What do you think of Jesse Ventura as a high-profile representative of the SEAL community?

I know Jesse. I disagree with how he presents himself and represents the TEAMs, but I will never speak negatively about a teammate.

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