Laura Ingraham lays out her vision for her ‘more culture-driven’ radio show

One aspect to her show Ingraham did say would be similar was that in part it would still have a guest-driven component which she interviewed newsmakers, but not necessarily political newsmakers.

“Newsmakers in different fields, though,” she replied. “Newsmakers in the medical field, in the philanthropic field, science and technology, politics — yes, that’s always going to be an important part of the show. The usual Laura cross-examinations are going to occur. There was a reason why Mitt Romney didn’t come on my show in the last nine months of the campaign. We couldn’t not only not book prominent Democrats. We couldn’t book Mitt Romney, not because our show doesn’t have a huge reach. But you know, look I’m going to ask tough questions. I’m going to be fair, but I’m going to ask hard questions. That’s where you get an interesting conversation going.”

As far as her once-crowded 9 a.m.-12 p.m. ET timeslot with her competitors including former Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain taking talker Neal Boortz’s program early next year and Glenn Beck with his loyal following, Ingraham didn’t seem that concerned. She said that her show will appeal to a different need in the listening audience.

“I think there are a lot of talented people out there,” she said. “There are different needs in the listening audience. I’m just going to be who I am and I’m not the same person I was 11 years ago. I’m a mom. I have three small children. I’m dealing with schools and the best way to teach kids, children fighting with each other, relationships and aging parents — I’m dealing with different issues now that one point or another most of us have to deal with that make me think about things in a bit of a different way.”

Ingraham commented that she thought conservatives for the most part have abandoned culture, but explained she was going to try and not come off as too self-aggrandizing to her audience.

“People are tired of the high and mighty approach to conversation,” she added. “We’re going to try to keep that in check with a healthy dose of self-deprecation.”

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