After school massacre, 100,000 Americans petition White House for gun control

Other White House petitions seemed to react to Carney’s statement Friday that “today is not the day” to debate gun laws.

“Today IS the day,” read the title of a petition supported by more than 10,600 people. “Sponsor strict gun control laws in the wake of the CT school massacre.”

Another petition was more pointed.

“Every time a mass shooting happens in the United States,” it read, “we are told by the White House, the federal government and its benefactors in the NRA [National Rifle Association] that, ‘Now is not the time’ to have a conversation about increased regulation of firearms. … So, if ‘now’ is not the time to have a conversation about gun control, let’s set a time.”

That petition was the second most popular effort, with more than 15,000 supporters. (RELATED: Sandy Brook shooter’s mother found dead in her home)

“It is long past time to begin this conversation. Now is the time,” read another petition with a more modest following of less than 3,500.

Two other petitions reacting to Friday’s mass shooting took different tacks in response.

One asked the Obama administration to “make mental health a national emergency.” About 3,000 people supported it.

Lanza’s elder brother reportedly told investigators Friday that Adam was medicated for an unspecified “personality disorder,” and that he was “somewhat autistic,” according to ABC News.

“In light of the recent shootings … we believe it is time for the mental health of the nation to be taken seriously,” the petition requested. “This includes the health of individuals, communities, and the country as a whole.”

Still another petition — this one with fewer than 1,300 supporters — walked in the opposite direction from gun-control activists’ prescriptions, caling for “a gun in every classroom.”

“Arm every teacher and principal to defend themselves and their students during an attack,” it suggested.

“Fact: Crime rates decrease when the people are better armed. It is time we gave our teachers the ability to defend themselves and stop pretending like a door buzzer is enough of a defense. Take a stand for school safety. Arm the teachers and principals today”

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