Good news, America: We’re #12!


It’s a good day to hate America. Well, every day is, but particularly today, as Small Business Trends reports:

The London-based Think Tank Legatum Institute recently offered empirical evidence of what many Americans have been thinking lately. Our national well-being is slipping.

Over the past four years, prosperity has increased around the globe, while it has remained stagnant in the United States, the Legatum Institute reports. As a result, the Institute ranked the United States 12th out of 142 countries on its 2012 Prosperity Index, putting the country outside the top ten for the first time…

The Legatum Institute finds that a decline in entrepreneurship and economic opportunity, rather than slippage in education, health, safety or personal freedom, is to blame.

In particular, the authors say that the fall in prosperity:

“. . .is driven by a decline in the number of US citizens who believe that hard work will get them ahead.”

Well, duh. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. Everybody knows that.

It’s about time America got taken down a peg or 10. Who do we think we are, being all prosperous and stuff? That’s not fair to all those other countries. It’s time to give them a turn at being rewarded for working hard and innovating and taking risks. We tried that for hundreds of years and it worked really well, and I can’t think of a better reason to stop.

Four more years!

(Hat tip: Power Line)

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