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Obama pushes partisan anti-violence plan at Sandy Hook victims’ memorial

In contrast, voters in several GOP-leaning states allow most citizens to carry concealed guns. Many such states have seen their murder-rates drop, despite the economic trauma caused by the federal government’s 1990s intrusion into the nation’s housing market.

In fact, Obama’s speech came four months after a gunman from a Democratic-aligned gay-advocacy group in Washington D.C. was disarmed by a wounded guard.

The gunman was shooting his way into the D.C. offices of the GOP-leaning Family Research Council. (RELATED: Guard takes down gunman)

Obama has repeatedly shown he favors far-reaching federal programs. For example, throughout 2010, he argued that the federal government must intrude into the nation’s medical sector to ensure that roughly 30 million Americans could get their medical care from doctors, rather than hospitals’ emergency rooms.

Similarly, in 2010, he argued that the student-loan sector should only be managed by a federal intrusion and takeover. Since then, outstanding student loans have climbed to $1 trillion, and the default rate has jumped to 20 percent of the loans that are now due.

To justify a potentially massive federal intrusion into child-rearing, Obama cited three other relatively recent mass-shootings: the massacres in Fort Hood, Arizona and Colorado.

However, none of those incidents was an attack on a school, and one was a jihadi attack by an Muslim officer in the U.S. Army Army whose pro-Islam statements were ignored by senior officers. The jihadi’s attack killed 13 soldiers and civilians who were not allowed carry their weapons on base.

To boost his demand for federal action, Obama also cited street crime between gangs in neighborhoods that have few intact families.

Such crime is very common in his adopted home state of Illinois, where officials have created an effective ban on personal defense weapons and crime has soared in African-American communities, which have suffered from extensive federal intrusion and welfare since the 1960s.

In late October, Chicago saw its 436th murder of 2012, breaking the city’s 2011 total of 435.

“There have been an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children, in small towns and big cities all across America. … We can’t tolerate this anymore,” Obama declared, without mentioning the laws in his home city.

Throughout his speech, Obama ignored language in the Constitution that protects individual’s right to carry weapons, and the extensive gun control laws in Connecticut, Illinois and other progressive-run states.

Nevertheless, he insisted that gun violence end.

“These tragedies must end.  And to end them, we must change,” he said, without suggesting how progressives should change their policies in Chicago, Connecticut and other jurisdictions.

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