Reid expects Senate to return day after Christmas to resume fiscal cliff talks

WASHINGTON — Congress and White House have put the Grinch out of a job.

There’s no time for him to steal Christmas this year, since, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Senate will be back here on Dec. 26 to resume fiscal cliff talks.

Speaking on the floor, Reid stated candidly that he expected to be back in the chambers the day after Christmas.

“We will see if anything changes, but it appears that we’re going to be coming back the day after Christmas to complete work on the fiscal cliff,” he said.

Though President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner appear to be gradually moving toward some sort of agreement, the two have yet to reach any sort of concrete accord. (RELATED: White House: Tax hikes on income over $250k still Obama’s position)

Boehner reportedly agreed to a tax hike on those making more than $1 million a year and raising the debt ceiling for one year in exchange for health entitlement savings, while the president is insisting on higher taxes for income over $250,000 and is open to some entitlement cuts.

The two met for 45 minutes on Monday.

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