Sandy Hook and the triumph of fear

If a psychological Wild West is confronting us, let’s confront it back. How about doing the opposite of disarming — embracing the Second Amendment? Frankly, we’ve become Romans, too reliant on paid professionals for our well-being, unable to provide for our own defense.

Maybe we should take a page from Switzerland and Israel, where nurses and shopkeepers own assault rifles and have the knowledge to use them. If we shifted from aggrandizing violence to participating in the rites and practices of self-defense, we and our children would see guns not as entertainment but as an avenue to freedom and security.

We live in a time of evil, a time of spiritual vacuity. We won’t be able to change that from the top down or by disarming and cowering in corners. Let’s prepare, and take our vigil with verve — neighbors helping neighbors, with firm reliance on divine providence.

It’s worth noting that in the rural Oregon of my youth I never knew the political affiliation of a family friend or neighbor. “Republican” and “Democrat” were not words we used. We were just free people, Americans.

If we need to pack heat, let’s say a prayer and do it. We are all Americans. We don’t submit to fear.

Tim Quast is founder and president of Modern Networks IR LLC in Denver.