Rhode Island professor demands NRA leader’s ‘head on a stick’ after Sandy Hook

In November, Twitchy reports, Loomis also retweeted this missive: “Let’s hunt down Dick Morris like a pig and skin him for breakfast.”

Concerning recent tweets about LaPierre, Loomis later suggested that the NRA chief perhaps shouldn’t be beheaded, but merely put “in prison for the rest of his life.”

After that, Loomis began to see himself as something of a martyr for the gun-control cause.

“The right-wing intimidation campaign against me for saying the NRA was a terrorist organization continues. Will not succeed,” Loomis tweeted, reports College Insurrection.

Loomis’s Twitter account — @erikloomis — appears to have disappeared after 1,456 posts, according to While the account was in existence, Loomis called himself a “habitual ranter” and asked readers to “forgive bizarre tweets.”

On the blog Lawyers, Guns & Money, Loomis has penned an elaborate defense of his tweeting.

“I want to make it blindingly clear that I did not call for the assassination of Wayne LaPierre,” he wrote. “In my world, calling for someone’s head on a stick is a metaphor to hold them responsible for their actions.”

The University of Rhode Island has released a statement saying that Loomis does not speak for URI, and that the school “does not condone acts or threats of violence.”

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