Krauthammer proposes Newtown commission headed by Lieberman, Giuliani

As for the current legislation set to be offered by California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, which would renew the 1994 assault weapon ban that expired in 2004, Krauthammer said there was no measurable evidence that legislation did anything of merit to decrease gun violence.

“Look, in 1994, I supported the ban on assault weapons and the same column in which I supported it I predicted it would have zero effect,” he said. “Well, we’ve had studies about what effect it had. It was in force for ten years, so it’s a very good experiment in time. It had no effect on the level of homicide. It had no effect on the lethality and the injurious nature of gun homicide — of violence. And we know that to be a fact.”

“So it is not — so it isn’t as if we are realizing here from nothing,” Krauthammer continued. “We’ve done this and it didn’t have an effect. And the main reason is that there is so many loopholes. If you look at the Feinstein law, the one she is now proposing to reintroduce, she exempts 900 kinds of weapons. The loopholes here are so enormous that it will have no appreciable effect on the homicide rate.”

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