Schumer: Republicans ‘missed their opportunity’ for $1 million threshold

“What that Plan B proposes really hits the true middle-class Americans,” Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin said. “Middle-class Americans don’t make $400,000. $250,000 is the top two percent. Is that the middle class? No. The middle class is making 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 thousand dollars a year, and that’s the heart of the middle class. His Plan B hits right at that. They’re gonna pay more.”

“Only House Republicans could write a proposal with a million dollar income threshold and still find a way to raise taxes on the middle class,” Schumer said. “It’s the wrong approach. Even if the House passes it, it’s dead on arrival in the Senate.”

“The speaker should simply return to the negotiating table with the president because if he does, I firmly believe we could have a deal before Christmas.”

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