Top 10: Hottest bikini skiers [SLIDESHOW]

Still dreaming of a white Christmas? We have something better: attractive women skiing (and snowboarding) in bikinis.

Yes, bikini skiing is an actual phenomenon —  there are competitions and everything — and here are photos to prove it. Not only do skiing and snowboarding take skill, but doing it in a bikini takes courage and determination. For this, we applaud you, bikini skiers of the world.

Next time you want to totally shred some gnarly powder, try doing it in a bikini. (Actually, don’t. Leave that to these fine professionals.)

Click an image below for larger version.
  • The only thing between this lovely lady and her skin is her SPF.
  • This bikini snowboarder caught some air and then some on this jump sans clothes.
  • This chick is shredding that slalom in nothing but a pink bikini. Impressive.
  • What's better than one bikini skier? Two bikini skiers.
  • This South Korean skier is thankfully only covering up her eyes.
  • This Canadian skier may be wearing camo, but what she may or may not realize is that we can still see her.
  • Three cheers for these Oklahoma State University students who courageously skied in their bikinis and then took photos of it.
  • Uh, oh. Looks like someone is stuck on a catwalk with no momentum and no clothing.
  • Every February, South Korea holds a bikini skiing competition. She gets a 10 from these American judges.
  • So maybe decorated Olympian Lindsay Vonn doesn't actually ski in her bikini, but at least she poses in one for photo shoots.

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