10 cats that are ready to party on New Year’s Eve [SLIDESHOW]

Everyone knows that New Year’s Eve is the most disappointing night of the year. You spend all this time planning in anticipation for what is supposed to be the funnest night of the year, and it turns out to be a crowded, disappointing mess.

But that hasn’t stopped these 10 party animals that are ready to ring in 2013 in style — some with jaunty little hats, most with champagne.

Here are 10 cats that are ready to party on New Year’s Eve.

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  • Grumpy cat, however, is not excited at all by New Year's Eve or by the prospect of ever having fun.
  • That guy is certainly ready for New Year's Eve, but not for Jan. 1 when his New Year's resolution to lose weight kicks in.
  • This cat is feeling festive, indeed.
  • This kitten may look a little young for a New Year's champagne toast, but not to worry, he's European. That's just how they do things over there.
  • He and his jaunty little hat are ready for 2013.
  • This photo was taken just after the bouncer asked for their IDs.
  • Looks like she's already gotten a little something to keep her rocking all night long.
  • No Andre for this cat on New Year's Eve. Ringing in 2013 means splurging on Cook's.
  • By all means necessary.
  • These party animals already have their party hats on.

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