Cheating high school fired counselor who reported falsifications, lawsuit charges

Thanks to the shenanigans, Courthouse News notes, the school skipped the rating of merely Acceptable and secured a rating of Recognized, “the second highest rating given to all schools in the State of Texas.”

Not long after she reported the violations she had discovered, Norman found herself out of a job. Principal Crump told Norman her dismissal was due to budget constraints. However, Norman calls it retaliation.

Norman says she was forced to find a teaching job overseas to salvage her career after she was fired. Her attempts to get her job back when she returned to the United States failed.

There’s also a racial angle to the lawsuit, according to Courthouse News. Norman alleges that the principal’s “refusal to re-employ her was a mixed motive of her having reported misconduct and being African-American.”

Norman seeks both a declaration that the school district violated her constitutional rights, and damages for mental anguish.

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