Daily Caller staffers reveal their New Year’s resolutions

Mike Piccione, Guns & Gear editor: “I resolve to try not to shoot at Taylor [Bigler] with a bb gun when she is swimming. But if she swims into my flying bb it’s not my fault.”

Gregg Re, editor: “I resolve to figure out how the three-minute song ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ by Chris Brown has 10 more credited writers than ‘War and Peace.'”

Grae Stafford, multimedia producer: “I will drink more energy drinks. I will smoke more electronic cigarettes. I will rejoice in the healthy lifestyle choices I have made for 2013.”

Robby Soave, reporter, Daily Caller News Foundation: “I resolve to overthrow Walter White and become the meth king of the southwestern United States. (In reality, I’m just going to watch even more TV.)”

Jim Treacher: “My New Year’s resolution is to always finish what I…”

Alex Treadway, VP of sales/ COO: “Exercise more, drink more water, eat more leafy green vegetables, lose 35 pounds (again), enjoy nuance and each day find a way to laugh at politics and politicians (easier to do working at The Daily Caller).”

Peter Tucci, opinion editor and already avid ping pong player: “My New Year’s resolution is to play more ping pong at work.”

Jamie Weinstein, senior editor: “1. Financially recover after recklessly spending all my money assured the world would end as result of Mayan Apocalypse.  2. Continue lobbying efforts to get Irish government to officially add Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s face to Irish flag. 3. Cover the hell out of the 2013 presidential election.”

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