Obama blames deputies for Benghazi defeat

The problem was highlighted Dec. 13, when Obama recognized a Syrian rebel coalition as the legitimate government of Syria. But on the same day, the group called on Obama to relax new sanctions against the Syrian al-Qaida affiliate that is trying to overthrow Syria’s secular dictatorship.

Gregory’s soft-glove treatment of Obama stands in contrast to the media’s treatment of President George W. Bush in 2003, and especially before the 2004 election.

Shortly before the 2004 election, Bush was slammed by numerous media outlets for not securing the large stockpiles of weapons in Iraq. For example, in late October 2004, the New York Times ran front-page articles about missing weapons from the Al Qaqaa, creating a mini media scandal.

But before and after the 2012 election, Obama escaped scrutiny from the established media outlets.

Gregory is an increasingly controversial figure, in part because he is now under investigation by Democratic-appointed law-enforcement officials for breaking a Washington D.C. gun law barring possession of large ammunition magazines.

Gregory displayed a large-capacity magazine during a Dec. 23 show, even after an explicit pre-show warning against the demonstration from law-enforcement officials.

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