Not so fast: House Republicans want more spending cuts in ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is opposed to the bill passed by the Senate, he told reporters after the meeting. But he and Speaker of the House John Boehner haven’t made clear yet what action the House will take on the legislation.

“The lack of spending cuts in the Senate bill was a universal concern amongst members in today’s meeting,” Boehner press secretary Brendan Buck said after the GOP meeting. “Conversations with members will continue throughout the afternoon on the path forward.”

Another meeting of the House Republican Conference is expected later in the afternoon, and that, Rep. Dana Rohrbacher of California said, will be where “the decision-making phase” begins.

There is a sense among Republicans that they need to balance the desire for spending cuts with the need to pass a bill soon.

“We have to try to work within the urgency that we feel, that we all know is there, and try to accomplish something,” New York Rep. Nan Hayworth said.

LaTourette said that lacking any other option, he would vote for the bill as is, because he would be less happy if the House were to “hold hostage the majority of Americans and increase their taxes.”

But he made clear that that he would do so with a very heavy heart.

“The frustration in the room is, we’ve been to this play a number of times where we always say, ‘Well, we’re all about spending cuts and we’re gonna get them next time, next time, next time.’ Well, there never is a next time.”

Democrats are on board with the bill, they said this afternoon after a closed door caucus meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, who negotiated the deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Nancy Pelosi tweeted that a “strong majority of House Ds support bipartisan Senate bill” and that she was “confident it will pass if @SpeakerBoehner allows up/down vote.”

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