NY, NJ Republican delegations will vote for Boehner for speaker

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie blasted Boehner for his role in not bringing the bill to the floor, and said that there was obviously “palace intrigue” and disagreement between him and Cantor. King said that in the meeting the two were sitting next to each other and “didn’t not talk to each other.”

“The reality is that last night, Eric was the advocate, Eric was the legislative person we were working with on the bill, but that was done with the approval of the Speaker,” King explained. “Eric wanted to put it on the calendar last night and John overruled him. That was that.”

Christie’s scathing remarks did not come up in the meeting, King said.

“I was in the car at one o’clock in the morning talking to Chris Christie for 20 minutes, so I’m surprised it took him this long,” King said laughing. “He was … energized.”

The New Jersey governor’s comments then were nowhere near so tame as the ones he delivered Wednesday afternoon, King said.

“They were far more obscene than what John said to me,” King said, “and he wasn’t saying it with a smile last night.”

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