School canceled in Virginia county over obscure website’s Batman-related conspiracy theories

Students in Giles County, Virginia didn’t return to school as scheduled this week, because someone discovered a bizarre Internet rant on an obscure website dedicated to conspiracy theories, prophecies and UFOs.

The wide-ranging article — titled “The Next School Massacre Target?” — revolves primarily around a map of attack sites that appears in a scene in the most recent Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” reports Roanoke’s CBS affiliate, WDBJ.

One site is called Sandy Hook. Another is Narrows. Consequently, the author suggests, schools in Narrows, Virginia could possibly be targeted in a new school shooting.

Concerns about student safety prompted school officials in the rural Virginia county to cancel classes.

“We have to take this as serious information,” Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons told WDBJ.

On New Year’s Day, police issued reverse 911 calls to parents about the webpage.

“We just want to emphasize that no threat has been made to any school system here in Giles County,” Millirons added.

Millirons told WDBJ that the sheriff’s office has fielded many calls from worried parents.

“If I was a parent and did not know about this, I would be upset, and you can’t blame a parent for being upset,” he said.

Wednesday was a work day for teachers and school officials. Police presence in and around the county’s five schools was reportedly high and will remain high when students return Thursday.

“The sheriff’s gonna be at a school,” Chief Bentley Ratcliffe of the Narrows Police Department assured WDBJ.

The website, Revelation Now, has apparently been suspended.

“If you’re the owner of this website, please contact FatCow Web Hosting,” reads the flying-bovine festooned webpage.