Republican who voted against Boehner for speaker: ‘It was important to make a statement’

Up until the vote, a conservative group aiming to oust Boehner claimed they had commitments from enough Republicans in Congress to deny the Ohio Republican the speaker’s gavel.

“I have confirmed with a group of congressmen that Speaker Boehner will not be elected speaker tomorrow,” Ron Meyer of the group American Majority Action wrote in an email Wednesday evening. “He will either resign or be forced out tomorrow.”

While that never happened, Jones hinted that Amash, whose disagreements with Boehner are well known after he recently lost a coveted committee assignment, was behind an organized effort to get Republicans to vote for someone other than Boehner.

“Justin Amash would be the one that you should speak to because I think he was the quarterback on this one,” Jones said, explaining he met with Amash on Wednesday about the speaker’s election.

Several other Republicans abstained from voting or voted present. One Republican who was present for the election, but did not vote, was Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador.

“I have no comment, but thank you,” he told The Daily Caller afterward.

Likewise, as Boehner left the House floor, he refused to answer questions about the Republicans who voted against him. He remained silent when TheDC asked if the Republicans who voted against him could be punished.

“If the leader decides he wants to punish any of the group, then that’s to me is not the definition of a leader,” Jones said. “That becomes the definition of a dictator.”

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