First pro-life legislation of new Congress targets Planned Parenthood

Caroline May | Reporter

Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn introduced the first pro-life legislation of the 113th Congress Friday, launching an opening salvo at Planned Parenthood.

Blackburn’s Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act would prohibit the Department of Health and Human Services from providing federal Title X family planning funding to businesses that provide abortions — until they certify they do not perform or refer for abortions.

“As a woman, I believe America deserves better than abortion,” Blackburn said in a statement. “America shouldn’t celebrate abortion and our taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, who profit from the destruction of human life with taxpayer money. It’s fiscally irresponsible and morally indefensible.”

The legislation mirrors a bill introduced by former Indiana Republican Rep. Mike Pence in the 112th Congress.

“Congressman Pence has been a champion in the fight to protect innocent human life and I hope to continue his leadership in the House,” Blackburn added.

Planned Parenthood’s was a vocal supporter of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, and worked to promote the Democratic narrative that opposition to federal funding for the organization was part of the Republicans’ so-called “War on Women.”

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