Leaked NY state analysis says fracking is safe

Fracking involves injecting fluids into cracks in rock formations in order to widen them and allow more oil and gas to escape, increasing the amount of oil and gas that can be recovered. The process has come under fire from environmental groups and been a contentious issue in the state of New York which has yet to make a decision on the issue. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been delaying a final decision on whether or not to approve the practice.

“The document itself is not a health impact study at all,” Katherine Nadeau, the water and natural resources program director at the environmental group Environmental Advocates of New York, told the Times. “As drafted it is merely a defense or justification as to why the administration didn’t do a rigorous study.”

State regulators have been studying the impacts of fracking for four years, and it is expected that a plan to allow limited fracking activity along the Pennsylvania border will be the most likely outcome if the drilling process is approved.

“New York can create more than 25,000 jobs, save family farms, keep families together and lift entire communities by moving forward with safe natural gas development,” Moreau said. “We respect the process the Governor has established, and trust that in the end the interest of the people will come before fear mongering and politics.”

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