Sen. Ron Johnson on federal budgets: ‘I’m happy to start cutting agencies’

Asked about the fiscal cliff legislation that extends tax cuts for all Americans except those earning more than $400,000 per year, Johnson said: “This was an unusual circumstance where we had to vote for something to prevent taxes from being increased.”

He voted for the bill, he said, to ensure that as many taxpayers as possible didn’t have to pay more to the federal treasury. He recognized that Republicans “had no leverage” in stopping Obama from raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans, he said, and realized the GOP’s “role was, ‘What could we do to limit the damage?’”

But Johnson added that he was “disgusted with the process” that would have hiked taxes on all Americans if new legislation didn’t pass both houses of Congress.

“President Obama, all he wants is more revenue,” he lamented. “That’s all he wants. That’s his only solution.”

“It is a fools errand. It will cause economic harm. It won’t work. Economic history proves it won’t work. I have no idea why he has that ideology.”

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