Nate Silver: ‘Groupthink and perverse incentives’ doomed Romney’s polling efforts

Silver’s appearance attracted more than 150 questions, most of which he side-stepped. Those included inquiries about the Sept. 11 “truther” movement, the college football BCS ranking system, election fraud, professional poker, and whom he voted for in November.

He did, however, take a moment to answer a question about the Burrito Bracket Project, a March Madness-like blog he started — and abandoned — in 2007. The project’s goal, he wrote then, was “to determine the best food and overall experience from among 19 cheap Mexican restaurants in Chicago’s Wicker Park and surrounding neighborhoods.”

Asked if he would ever complete the project and choose a winner, Silver repied, “Perhaps I can convince Penguin that my next book should be a 256-taqueria burrito bracket with entries from all across the country.”

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