United Way: No, we didn’t know about Dec. 14 Sandy Hook shooting in advance

The United Way chapter’s Facebook page, Almeida said, was her first indication that something was wrong.

“Shame on you,” read one angry Facebook post. “Dec. 11th even? Days before the event and you have a donation page published and running. Shame, shame.”

“How did the united way know all those kids were gonna be killed 3 days before?” another asked. “[I]t’s a sad day if are [sic] own gov is killing are [sic] children to push there [sic] agendas.”

Other Facebook users asked why the organization had deleted conversations about the topic.

Almeida placed the blame firmly in Google’s lap. “This is an error on Google’s side, and therefore we don’t have an explanation,” she said. “Google is investigating what went wrong on their end.”

But still, aided by conspiracy theorists and a lightning-quick Internet, the idea that the United Way somehow knew about the shooting in advance isn’t going away.

“We are receiving quite a few phone calls here in the office from individuals seeking an explanation,” Almeida said. “It’s aggravating.”

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