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Dumb and Dumber 3: Donald Trump vs. Bill Maher

As celebrity feuds go, the following seems like the two opponents are just going through the motions. Their hearts aren’t really in it. They’re doing this because this is what they’re supposed to do.

Yahoo News:

In a letter obtained by Yahoo News, the real estate mogul and de facto leader of last year’s “birther” movement against President Barack Obama sent a copy of his New York City birth certificate to comedian Bill Maher, who earlier this week made a Trump-like demand to see it.

On Monday’s “Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Maher said he would donate $5 million to the charity of Trump’s choice (Maher suggested Hair Club for Men, among others) if the “Celebrity Apprentice” host could prove he is not the “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan…”

On Tuesday, a lawyer for Trump sent the letter to Maher with the birth certificate attached, asking the “Real Time” host to make good on his late-night offer:

Attached hereto is a copy of Mr. Trump’s birth certificate, demonstrating that he is the son of Fred Trump, not an orangutan. Please remit the $5 million to Mr. Trump immediately and he will ensure that the money be donated to the following five charities in equal amounts: Hurricane Sandy Victims, The Police Athletic League, The American Cancer Society, The March of Dimes, and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Well, at least this dumbness is for a good cause. Maher will say he was just kidding, of course. And Trump will call him names and accuse him of not caring about hurricane victims and cancer patients. It’s all very amusing.

There must be some way to get Donald Trump and Bill Maher to sit down together in the same room and then slowly fill it with water.