Matt Lewis

Will Wal-Mart be the key to gun control?

Could Wal-Mart actually team with the Obama White House on gun control?

I warned about this days ago, and over at The New Republic, Bill Scher says, “it’s plausible.

At first blush, this partnership might sound absurd. But Scher explains why it might make sense:

Unlike edgy gun shows that serve niche markets, Walmart needs to maintain an image with broad appeal, beyond those who dream of assembling a militia in their backyard. This is why Walmart previously partnered with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns to establish security guidelines for hiring, training staff, and conducting sales that goes beyond what’s required by law. It’s also why Walmart will participate in Thursday’s session of  Vice President Joe Biden’s gun control task force, a decision the company made just hours after suffering criticism for saying it had a scheduling conflict. If the choice today is between Barack Obama or Wayne LaPierre, it’s no contest.

The larger concern for conservatives is that this trend transcends the gun issue. As Scher notes, “President Obama long understood that the strongest liberal coalitions include corporations.”