Attorney for flag-stomping SC teacher says story incomplete, pink slip undeserved

“Many people have rushed to vilify my client based on one segment of the story related through a secondhand account,” the attorney continued. “My client has had an exemplary 12-year teaching career, and was only trying to create a forum for discussion using a powerful symbol with which all his students would be familiar.”

A Daily Caller reader claiming to have been one of Compton’s students posted in the comments section of an article on the subject that Compton was an effective instructor.

“Mr. Compton was by far my favorite teacher,” wrote disqus_MPid0dgbfD. “He actually cared about his students and wanted us to learn the literature and love it as much as he does. He was simply proving a point. Where are American flags made? Most of them, China. The idea of the flag represents freedom and honor to all Americans but a simple piece of cloth made in another country is simply that…a piece of cloth. In no way was he an ‘anti-American.'”

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