Former Bachmann aides: Allegations campaign stiffed staffers are ‘absolutely ridiculous’

Woolson, who now works with a Christian nonprofit, declined to speculate about why Waldron wrote the press release more than a year after the end of Bachmann’s presidential campaign. He also said he did not notice anything particularly unusual about Waldron during his time with the campaign that suggested he would later turn on Bachmann.

Waldron noted in the release that, as of November, Bachmann’s congressional war chest is now large enough to comfortably pay off her presidential campaign’s outstanding debts.

“The thing that bothers me so much is that this a baffling attempt and oddly timed event to hurt Mrs. Bachmann’s reputation,” Woolson said. “The Iowa staff has been paid. Anyone that followed the proper procedure has been paid. … What he’s saying isnt’ true,” Woolson said.

“I don’t understand his motivation. We’re a small staff, and saying the staff hasn’t been paid is untrue,” he added.

The Christian Newswire release links to Waldron’s personal website, which raises money for a planned film about his brief arrest and detention on terrorism and gun charges in Uganda.

Waldron has not responded to TheDC’s emailed request for comment.

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