Colin Powell: There’s ‘a dark vein of intolerance’ in the GOP [VIDEO]

Republicans should prioritize issues like immigration and climate change, Powell urged, and dump the perception that the party only cares about the wealthy.

“I think the party has to take a look at itself,” Powell continued. “It has to take a look at its responsibilities for health care. It has to take a look at immigration. It has to take a look at those less fortunate than us. The party has gathered unto itself a reputation that it is the party of the rich. It is the party of lower taxes. But there are a lot of people who are lower down the food chain, the economic chain, who are also paying lots of taxes relative to their income, and they need help. We need more education work being done in this country.”

“We need a solid immigration policy,” he added. “We have to look at climate change. There are a lot of things that the American people are expecting.”

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