FreedomWorks’ Kibbe: New Year’s Day tax ‘massacre’ is ‘gift that keeps giving’

“How is it possible that again and again and again, these backroom deals are cut when the American people are paying the least possible amount of attention?” he asked.

“If you had any luck, you were out on a date with your wife on New Year’s Eve, and probably too hung over to read the budget authorization language on New Year’s morning. And I think that whole system is a shakedown by design.”

As FreedomWorks prepares for the 2014 elections, Kibbe said his group will be taking a more active role in making sure the right candidates get into the races, whether that means subjecting sitting Republicans to primary challenges, or finding the right candidates to challenge incumbent Democrats.

“I think in 2014 and 2016, if we don’t see a compelling candidate that meets both our philosophical and practical criteria for what it takes to win, we’re gonna go try to convince that man or woman to get into the race,” he said. “And that didn’t happen in 2012 and we probably paid the price for that, for settling on the best available candidates instead of the right candidates.”

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