Hume: ‘Strikingly aggressive and partisan’ Obama looking to deepen problems for GOP

Hume also warned Democrats that the other issue on the president’s agenda, gun control, could hurt them politically.

“Gun control has proven in recent times to be a remarkably dangerous issue for Democrats,” he said. “And it has repeatedly gotten them into political trouble because the passion and devotion of people who care about gun rights is such that they will come out and vote against you if you’re wrong on that issue even if you’re right as far as they’re concerned on everything else. They have real intensity and Democrats have to be careful. What almost always happens in these things is there will be some event that will generate apparent support in a large number of people, and large majority of the public, for major new gun control, but it tends to dissipate over time and one senses that it’s already begun to dissipate in the aftermath of Newtown.”

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