Obama says old folks, sick, troops will face chopping block if GOP doesn’t OK bigger debt

He coupled today’s uncompromising language with repeated claims that he is wiling to compromise and be reasonable. “I don’t think anybody would consider my position to be unreasonable here,” he asserted.

Obama repeatedly compared the raising of the debt ceiling beyond the current level of $16.4 trillion to people paying their bills.

“The issue here is whether America pays its bills — we are not a deadbeat nation,” he said. Not raising the debt ceiling, he said, is similar to restaurant-goers “leav[ing] without paying the check.”

Raising the debt ceiling to allow even more borrowing “is simply allowing the country to pay for spending that Congress has already committed to.. these are bill that have already been racked up, we, we need to pay for them,” he said.

Obama also reiterated his often-used talking points, calling for “responsibility” and for tax increases to ensure “a multimillion investor [won’t] pay less in tax rates than a secretary.”

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