Sorry, but Olivia Wilde is no longer on the market [SLIDESHOW]

Actress Olivia Wilde — best known for playing that lesbian on “The O.C.” — is no longer single.

She announced over the weekend that she is engaged to “Saturday Night Live’s” Jason Sudeikis, which is just a bummer all-around.

You could have had your chance, but you totally dropped the ball.┬áTake a look at what you’re missing:

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Hopefully she will still pose like this once she's a married woman.
  • Here she is looking wet and WILDE. (Get it?)
  • You could have frolicked in the grass with her like this.
  • And to think, had you made your move, you could have had a chance with this.
  • To clarify, she doesn't actually have a red ball for a nose.
  • Jason Sudeikis, that lucky bastard, gets to wake up to this for the rest of his life.
  • Olivia is very philanthropic. Here she is at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park to end extreme poverty.
  • Let's hope her penchant for revealing clothing isn't squelched by marriage.
  • It's ok if you aren't familiar with any of her movies and are only know her from the covers of GQ and Esquire.
  • If you're looking to punch anyone in the face, here's your guy.

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