Democratic task force on gun violence holds hearing

But Police Chief Knight admonished members who were skittish of crossing the powerful group.

“That’s not fear. That’s inconvenience. That’s maybe a little heartburn. Fear, fear is what went through the hearts and minds of those 20 first graders in Connecticut. And the suggestion that people should be afraid of the gun lobby, when in fact you know America is behind you on background checks and a lot of other issues, how is that fear?” he asked.

The House was not in session Wednesday, and all the members at the hearing were Democrats, Republicans having decamped for their retreat.

The task force to look at gun violence was set up in the wake of the Newtown shootings, and is headed by Rep. Mike Thompson, a Democrat chosen for the task because he is a hunter. The committee will hold hearings over the course of the next week with various groups with stakes in gun policy. NRA Executive Director Chris Cox will attend one of those meetings, Rep. McCarthy said Tuesday.

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