Iran has plans for us

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Chet Nagle
Former CIA Agent
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      Chet Nagle

      Naval Academy graduate and Cold War carrier pilot, Chet Nagle flew in the Cuban Missile Crisis. After a stint as a navy research officer, he joined International Security Affairs as a Pentagon civilian -- then came defense and intelligence work, life abroad for 12 years as an agent for the CIA, and extensive time in Iran, Oman, and many other countries. Along the way, he graduated from the Georgetown University Law School and was the founding publisher of a geo-political magazine, The Journal of Defense & Diplomacy, read in over 20 countries and with a circulation of 26,000. At the end of his work in the Middle East, he was awarded the Order of Oman in that allied nation’s victory over communist Yemen; now, he writes and consults. He and his wife Dorothy live in Virginia.

Ahmadinejad has often declared “a world without America is not only desirable, it is achievable.” Besides evidence he is preparing to make that declaration a reality for us and Israel, we also know Iranian illegal aliens have crossed our southern border. How many are Al Quds terrorists living near you?

What can each of us do? First, don’t worry about fiscal cliffs. President Obama is not worried. Instead, today he proposed banning assault rifles and high-capacity magazines and instituting stringent background checks on gun purchasers. So ignore political grandstanding and, if you live in a state that issues concealed carry licenses, get one. Carry your gun. Report suspicious activity, but be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your community.

Terrorists live among us today, and they won’t get background checks or turn in their assault rifles. And they don’t give a damn about any stinkin’ gun-free zones.

Chet Nagle is a former CIA agent and the author of “Iran Covenant.”