Drama in RNC election as Ron Paul supporter makes run for chairman

On Thursday, Willis released an eight-point plan platform for his campaign:


1. Adherence to the 2009 Resolution in Support of Good Governance to put out RFP’s for all contracts over $100,000 while ensuring quality services from each agreement.


2. Repeal the RNC rules adopted in Tampa. They are cutting the grassroots out of the 2016 Presidential election cycle.


3. Re-establish the relationship with the GOP by encouraging a decentralized approach with more autonomy for state parties and adopting ideas from the bottom up.


4. Implementation of up-to-date technology systems is essential to victories and the chairman should be familiar to ensure efficiency.


5. Bring back those who have left the Republican Party. They deserve respect Independents and disillusioned Democrats should feel at home with the RNC.


6. Fight every single day for conservative values. Renew the spirit of self reliance and share the message that Conservatism is the only hope for American prosperity.


7. Hold the party leaders accountable. Party officials should not be allowed to reward political insiders with benefits given by Republican donors.


8. New management style. The RNC needs leadership aligned with honesty and integrity which listens to and encourages members to bring forth bold innovative ideas.


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