Pro-Obama group targets pro-gun Democrats with ‘shame’ ad

The liberal Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released a video ad Wednesday condemning Democratic Georgia Rep. John Barrow for not fully supporting President Barack Obama’s gun control policies.

The ad, which states, “Shame on You, John Barrow,” is an attempt to force the Democrat to change his position and “support the president’s gun policy proposals,” according to a Coalition press release.

The one-minute ad cuts back and forth between clips of a Barrow 2012 campaign commercial, in which he states “I’m proud to be endorsed by the NRA,” with news footage of shooting massacres.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence previously launched an ad campaign targeting Democratic North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, who criticized Obama’s gun control policies as “extreme.”

After the Coalition ran ads, signed by parents of mass shooting victims, with the message “Shame on You,” and encouraged members of the public to flood Heitkamp’s office with phone calls, Heitkamp changed her position, according to the Coalition.

“We have a responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill,” Heitkamp subsequently said.

“I think to some degree having Democrats oppose [the president’s gun control agenda] hurts it more than having Republicans oppose it, in the same way that Speaker Boehner having Republicans opposing him hurts,” Coalition spokesman Ladd Everitt told The Daily Caller.

The Coalition has now set its sights on Barrow, who released a statement Wednesday mildly criticizing Obama’s new gun control policies, which include a federal assault weapons ban and 23 executive actions.

“I support the president’s call for stronger enforcement of existing gun crime laws, because that’s been the real problem.  But I strongly disagree with proposals that would deny law abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights, and I’m disappointed he did not propose increased security measures for our schools,” Barrow said in the statement.

“We need to find practical solutions to gun violence that are consistent with the Second Amendment, rather than having another political debate in Washington that divides Americans,” Barrow added.