University of Toronto student group to host ‘epic student sex club adventure’

Organizers are asking students not to disrobe until 7 p.m., says the Star. After that bewitching hour, the party “becomes clothing-optional so you can get naked with all your new friends.”

A spokesperson for the Sexual Education Centre was adamant that students shouldn’t expect a sexual free-for-all.

“Our executive director made it very clear that this is not an orgy, we’re not funding an orgy,” said 22-year-old Dylan Tower. “People are allowed to have sex on premise…there is not any type of ‘You should be having sex when you’re here.’ It’s very much, come and enjoy the space. There’s no prodding or pushing in that direction.”

The Sexual Education Centre is affiliated with the University of Toronto Students Union and students pay 25 cents per term for its services unless they opt out.

The Centre’s stated mission is to encourage a sex-positive attitude on campus. To that end, it offers workshops and peer counseling, as well as a large selection of free condoms, including studded and mint-flavored condoms.

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