School expels student for ‘unprofessional conduct’ after he discovers, tests system security vulnerability

Director of Internal Affairs & Advocacy for the Dawson Student Union Morgan Crocket told publication that Dawson “betrayed a brilliant student to protect Skytech management.”

A petition to have Al-Khabaza reinstated was started, and as of 9 p.m. EST Monday, the petition obtained 4,353 signatures from around the world. Signatories hailed from across Canada, and as far away as Brisbane, Australia.

Hacktivists affiliated with Anonymous also reportedly attacked Dawson’s site as retaliation for Al-Khabaz’s expulsion,  Crockett tweeted Monday.

Skytech has since offered Al-Khabaz a part-time job and scholarship to a private school should Dawson not reinstate him, a Skytech employee told Montreal Gazette Monday.

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