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TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein: Piers Morgan says he is an expert on guns because his brother is an expert on guns

“Well, I can probably jump in,” Morgan said. “My brother’s a British Army colonel. He’s used these weapons. And what he said tallied with what a surgeon told me in Los Angeles, who’s a friend of mine, who has operated on tens of thousands of people who’ve been injured in the gang wars down in the south of Los Angeles. Let us make no mistake, though, about what these guns do. … They shatter the bone, the tissue. They lead to multiple amputations, if you’re lucky enough to survive.”

The next day, Morgan again invoked his brother to help boost his gun-issue credibility on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

“[M]y brother is a British Army colonel, I know a bit about guns,” he told Blitzer. “An AR-15 is not a harmless hunting rifle as some of these gun guys want to put it.”

Morgan returned refreshed after the holidays, all ready to continue pretending his brother’s expertise made him an expert on guns and gun control policy.

“I want to get these assault weapons off the streets,” he said in an appearance in a Jan. 10, 2013 appearance on “CBS This Morning.”

“My brother is a British Army colonel. These are killing machines.”

Six days later, in a debate on his show with conservative commentator Dana Loesch, his brother again made a rhetorical appearance.

“My brother is a British — my brother is a British Army colonel and he says from his testing,” he told Loesch on Jan. 16, before she cut him off, asking, “so you’re an expert?”

“Well, my brother is, yes. He’s fought alongside American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Morgan retorted after being called out for the first time.