Colorado congressional delegation urged to amend Constitution to limit campaign spending

But some have flatly said they don’t plan to do anything in response to Amendment 65.

“While Congressman Tipton empathizes with the decision of Colorado voters and shares some of the same frustrations with campaign finance, the Supreme Court has already settled the matter by defining freedom of speech to include corporations and unions, allowing them to make campaign contributions,” a Tipton staffer told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

According to CoPIRG, Tipton’s staff also noted that he doesn’t plan to introduce bills responsive to Amendment 65 and is waiting to take a position on others.

Lamborn’s position is similar.

“(T)his issue has been settled by the courts and I am not inclined to introduce or support legislation attempting to limit freedom of speech as the Supreme Court has defined it,” Lamborn is quoted as saying in the Gazette. “I believe that corporations and unions are entitled to the same freedom as individuals to speak out, especially when the government has the power to tax, regulate, and even destroy them.”

Katz said CoPIRG is going to be more aggressive in lobbying for action in the future, including by delivering Yes on 65 signs to each member that show exactly how each county in their districts voted on the measure so that “they’re 100 percent clear on what their constituents said.”

“A big point is to make sure this doesn’t slip under the radar,” he said. “Given how broadly it passed, it would be shocking if they didn’t do anything.”

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