New Zealand’s deadliest predators [SLIDESHOW]

Some dude in New Zealand wants to eradicate all house cats — and for good reason.

They are cold-blooded serial killers that will murder just about anything they can get their little paws on. It must be stopped! Good riddance to these natural born killers.

Here is a compilation of some of New Zealand’s deadliest and most terrifying predators:

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  • This kitten doesn't just seek out wildlife. He'll also attack your home aquarium. (Photo: Fanpop)
  • Sometimes New Zealand's serial killers hide out in pairs to better seek their prey. (Photo: Fanpop)
  • This guy becomes one with his prey by sleeping with the likeness of a bunny rabbit. (Photo: Fanpop)
  • This cat will kill you and your family, then sleep it off. (Photo: Fanpop)
  • Cats teach their young how to murder at a very early age.
  • Don't let his tiny little sweater fool you. He is ferocious on the inside. (Photo: yodspica.co.uk)
  • She'll take out a whole species of exotic birds, then go to church. (Photo: yodspica.co.uk)
  • After they are finished hunting, they lick their lips with horrifying satisfaction. (Photo: yodspica.co.uk)
  • Just look at how menacing they are. (Photo: yodspica.co.uk)
  • Here is New Zealand's most dangerous serial killer: the tiny house cat. (Photo: Fanpop)

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