Immigration boosters evade questions about impact on Americans’ jobs

Business leaders have repeatedly called for increases in immigration of professionals and low-skill workers, but union leaders were split in prior debates over immigration. Some unions favored conditional amnesties for illegal immigrants, some favored additional immigration and some opposed low-skill immigration.

On Tuesday, the president is slated to tout the pending plan at a rally in Nevada, whose December unemployment rate in the highest in the nation.

Only Rhode Island shares Nevada’s formal unemployment record of 10.2 percent.

A September report by the U.S. Census Bureau concluded that median income in 2011 fell by 1.5 percent from 2010 to $50,054.

That’s down 8.9 percent from 1999, said the report. Median income for African-Americans’ was $32,229, compared to whites’ median income of $55,412.

The unadjusted share of national income held by the poorest 20 percent of Americans fell from 3.3 percent in 2010 to 3.2 percent 2011, said the report.

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