Teacher won’t face discipline after allowing students to wear KKK robes in class

There was also criticism last year over a theater production of “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” The musical required students to utter the N-word.

Students, parents and teachers defended the unnamed teacher at a Clark County School Board meeting last week.

“The infamous KKK is discussed for several pages in the school’s history textbook, it is in the curriculum, and it is a big part of the history of this nation,” said Karina Foster, a junior who is in one of the teacher’s classes. “As a U.S. history instructor, this teacher was simply doing his job.”

Clark County School Board member Linda Young, the only black member of the school board (and the only minority member), was also supportive, notes the Sun. Young observed that no parents had complained. She praised the teacher and the school for offering students the chance to be creative.

“This teacher has my support,” Young said. “I truly do believe the teacher meant no harm.”

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