How politicians are planning the return of taxation without representation

So what to do?

Government should go back to the traditional, origin-based tax system and treat all businesses the same.

We would suggest that businesses with a base in Virginia collect that tax from their sales and pass it on to the Virginia Treasury. This, we’re quite sure, is a much better idea than the one currently under consideration, which is for that business in Virginia be subject to the departments of revenue of all 50 states, and the over 9,000 tax codes throughout  — a burden that would crush small businesses while big ones would simply pay more accountants.

And whatever we do, we have to figure it out quick, because Congress is likely to do something soon regardless. Though the most recent Internet bills — under such names as “The Marketplace Fairness Act” and “The Marketplace Equity Act” — probably aren’t going anywhere, states and brick & mortar retailers want a solution and aren’t likely to ease up.

No good American wants to pay the Man, but here are a few fundamental tax truths to consider: A broad base and low rate makes the most economic sense; a tax on consumption is preferable to a tax on income; and the only thing worse than a local, pea-brained bureaucrat with a big stick is a distant, pea-brained bureaucrat with a long stick.

Americans get the best dime for their buck when they keep their government close, where we can petition and challenge it with some hope of success.

And seriously, if we get a bill from some jerkoff in Massachusetts, we are going to lose our minds. Might even bash things up, just like grandpa.

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