Dominican prostitute: Sen. Bob Menendez ‘likes the youngest and newest girls’

Melgen, she added, had Menendez as a house guest for sex parties regularly.

“His good friend [Menendez] is very important in the United States,” she wrote. “I met him in those house activities and just by looking at him one knows that he is very important and has money. I didn’t know he was a United States Senator; that was something that Peter [Williams] told me. … I know that the Senator comes from Miami with the doctor, but I do not know where he lives.”

In her email, the woman wrote that she became disenchanted with the initial glamour of partying with a wealthy doctor and his friend the U.S. senator.

“It was during some yacht outings that I realized I needed to get out of there,” she wrote, “because these people are so important and they do whatever they want with the world. … Look, there are many things I prefer not to remember and it is hard for me to talk about them too. I got into this world to find the money, but many things have happened.”

“There is a lot of hypocrisy. They are all very political and all, but I saw them doing things with those young girls and saying things so many times that they cannot trick me into believing that they are good, trusting people.”

She added that her sister is still caught up in the Dominican Republic’s prostitution scene.

“I also don’t want anything to happen to the girls who don’t know yet how this world they were born in works,” she wrote. “I want you to help me take them away, especially because I have a sister who is still in it.”

On Wednesday CREW released a collection of email correspondence related to the Menendez case that it collected in 2012. The group also released a letter it sent to the Department of Justice and the FBI on July 17, 2012, asking for a formal investigation.

In May 2012, CREW also referred the investigation to ABC News investigative producer Rhonda Schwartz. Despite being the first news outlet to learn of the allegations against Senator Menendez, the network has yet to air a story about the scandal. (RELATED: Major media outlets mum on Menendez FBI raid)

The FBI raided Melgen’s flagship clinic Tuesday night, hauling away evidence in what an FBI source told TheDC is an investigation tied directly to Menendez’s alleged illicit sexual activity with minors in the Dominican Republic. (RELATED:  Woman at Melgen’s home says “these things happen all the time”)

A complete translation of the email follows, along with a copy of the original in Spanish.

This article was updated after publication to correct the date on which the email was sent. The correct date was April 21, 2012.

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