Hannity explains lack of Menendez coverage: ‘He wasn’t toe-tapping in a bathroom stall’

On Thursday’s broadcast of Andrea Tantaros’ radio show, Fox News Channel “Hannity” host Sean Hannity and Tantaros confronted the subject of the media blackout on the controversy surrounding Sen. Bob Menendez and allegations he was provided free trips and underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

According to Hannity, the controversy stems from the media’s disdain for conservative outlets that function against their message.

“When you really think about this — you have all of these media outlets that are an extension of the PR office or the press office of the Obama White House,” Hannity said. “All of them in the tank for Obama. And yet, here you have these two outlets — talk radio and the Fox News Channel that just offer some criticism, but not — right in line with everything they’re saying, basically taking their talking points. And it is so under their skin and it so irritates them that this is an ongoing battle with these folks.”

And Hannity said had this been a Republican, the coverage would have been much more exhaustive.

“You know what the problem is, Andrea?” Hannity said. “He wasn’t toe-tapping in a bathroom stall in the airport because if he was, that would have been big news. If it was a Republican, it would have been big news, which is why you’re pointing out here which is the double standard that exists in the media.”

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